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FREE Network Evaluation and Technology Assessment: When it comes to your business, IT management must be handled by experienced and certified professionals. That is why Integrated Computer Services offers expert IT management solutions. When we first engage with a new client, the first thing we do is provide a FREE IT systems evaluation. We assess your network configuration, network security, backup systems, servers, workstations, software, and hardware. We then notify you if your system needs network upgrading, maintenance, or any other improvements and deliver a detailed proposal along with a complete IT management solution.


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Complementary Technology Assessment Includes:

  • On-site Consultation

    We will evaluate your servers, network & data infrastructure.

  • Proactive Network Security Analysis

    Is your network secure?

  • Virus Scanning & Protection Evaluation

    Don't let the next virus take you down.

  • Email Spam & Malware Assessment

    Stop junk mail & aggressive malware

  • Assessment of Backup Systems

    Are you protected against data loss?

  • Assessment of Power Protection Systems

    Stay protected from power failure

  • Disaster Prevention Plan Inspection

    Do you have a disaster prevention plan?

  • Internet Speed Check

    Internet connection & review of results / options.

  • Ensure Software is Current

    Check service packs, updates, & security patches.

  • Remote Access and VPN Solutions

    Empower your remote workforce.

  • Cloud Computing Assessment

    Embrace the Power of the Cloud.

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A certified Integrated Computer Services Network Consultant will examine the performance and integrity of your data infrastructure.

All computer systems, networking devices, servers and peripherals will be tested for vulnerabilities. Next step is to deliver a report with a network analysis and network improvement plan. With our computer network evaluation, you will see the strengths and weaknesses of your network and how we can improve your businesses computer systems.

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We Offer:

  • Remote Technical Support
  • Dynamic Support | Managed IT
  • Cloud Computing for Business
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